Master Plan

The Master Plan at Seahorse optimizes our fortunate location between the Drum Bay Preserve and the Gulf. Our Master Plan is designed with staggered beach and bay lots, offering owners unobstructed views of both beach and bay. 

Each lot is 70' wide with a building footprint restricted to a width of 50'. The minimum distance on each side is 10' resulting in a minimum distance of 20' between homes.

All lots and homes are “front row” at Seahorse. The lots are platted to include the property from the Bluewater Highway all the way to the beach, or from the highway to the bayside preserve, offering increased deeded real estate per home, and guaranteed proximity to the beach or bay for every residence — a rarity along the Texas coast.

Seahorse Amenities

The Master Plan includes boardwalks to the beach and the bay to ensure private access to both for homeowners. 

Along the bay, enjoy an inviting private picnic pavilion; playground area; sports courts; a walkable nature preserve access via an elevated boardwalk; a charming crabbing pier and convenient bay-fishing pier; easy kayak access; and the remarkable flora and fauna of the Drum Bay Nature Preserve.

Seahorse Master Plan

Seahorse Beach Growth

Seahorse Beach Growth

Questions to ask before buying coastal property on the Gulf:

  1. Is the beach eroding or accreting?
  2.  If the beach is eroding, who pays for erosion mitigation?   Even if the State previously funded a geo tube, who will pay when it’s damaged in a storm?

  3. How well developed are the dunes and are the setbacks adequate to protect you from storm surge?   (At Seahorse, residents have the peace of mind of knowing they have 250+ of dune setbacks)

Remember, you can purchase hurricane insurance but there is no insurance protection against natural beach erosion.